Get your Terminator on. Advancements in artificial intelligence are rapidly progressing.

Movies like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Terminator, and The Matrix have been depicting a world in which computers have overtaken humans in intelligence for decades, and the result has always been ominous.  There have also been some scholars who have made very specific predictions about when this will happen in real life (2037) who have gotten the attention of some very respected minds, including Steve Jobs…Based on a recent article in the New York Times, the advancements are coming faster and all these predictions might not be so far-fetched.  Click here to read the full article.


DJ Jazzy Jeff did the best tribute to Michael Jackson I’ve heard. Check it out for yourself.


This mix covers the entirety of Michael Jackson’s career from Ben to Beat It to Butterflies.  At 49 tracks, it is as comprehensive as it gets.  Beyond the breadth, it’s the remixes that make this a one of a kind tribute (the Brazilian version of Rock With You is a classic).  R.I.P. to the King of Pop.  There will never be another.  Click here to download.  Tracklist is below.

It’s official. John Legend and The Roots are releasing an album together in September

As you can tell by the numerous collabos between The Roots and John Legend on The Roots album, the 2 artists have been putting in some work together.  They will be releasing a full album called Wake Up! together in September, which sounds like it will be their equivalent of Marvin Gaye’s seminal What’s Going On.  The album mostly will consist of covers of older songs, all of which have “an underlying theme of awareness, engagement and consciousness.”  One of the songs will be a Marvin Gaye song and there will be some Donny Hathaway, as well.  In the meantime, click here to see the video for a song called Hard Times gives a taste of what’s in store.

Big Sean reminds me of The Pharcyde…but a little more gangsta…

…and that’s a good thing.  I’m not sure whether its his tone (which is reminiscent of Fat Lip’s), his flow or his catchphrases, but there’s something that takes me back to when The Pharcyde dropped when I hear this song.  What do you think?

I Love Rick Ross

Dude is just dope musically.  Regardless of what you think of his hood cred, his music has overcome it time and time again.  Think about it.  He is the first person to survive a full on attack by 50.  In fact, he might even be bigger than he was before 50 went at him.  Is it about his personality?  His image?  No.  It’s about the music, plain and simple.  He consistently picks soulful music and flows incredibly over it.  What the f*ck are they yellin’?

This is what D’Angelo is listening to these days. Can you dig it?

The Urban Daily was fortunate enough to get the first interview with D’Angelo in 9 years.  He primarily discussed where his head is musically these days (check the video above) and avoided the personal drama, but obviously that is more than anyone has heard from him in quite a while.  They also posted this incredible interview of ?estlove discussing the toll the Voodoo tour took on him.  I was fortunate enough to hear a record he did with Mark Ronson recently.  It was very different than what you would expect, but if you study his artistry and allow for the evolution, it makes sense (sort of…).  I hope the demons have retreated a bit and he’s ready to share his gifts with the world again.  If not, here’s a reminder of what we’re missing.

So it seems Lupe actually rocked Nothin’ on You BEFORE B.o.B.

According to Nahright, Lupe was the original rapper on Nothin’ on You, but Atlantic chose B.o.B. for the track.  Though I love Lupe, after taking a listen to his version I can understand why they went with B.o.B.   Bob’s sing-songy flow on the song seems like a much better accompaniment to Bruno Mars’ infectious melody.  I can’t see the Lupe track being more than an album cut–not a platinum-selling single.  Don’t take my word for it though.  Click here to listen for yourself.