Erykah Badu sings The Healer, her ode to hip-hop, at the House of Blues. Can you dig it?

If you have not seen Erykah Badu live, please do so if you are a fan of R&B, neosoul or hip-hop music.  She is a consummate performer who brings it every night (well…most nights…) she performs.  When she is on, she is a siren.  You will be brought under her spell and thankful for it.  Her songs are typically re-arranged from the album version to be MUCH funkier.  Often, they feature samples of hip-hop classics.  Whatever may seem too abstract on the album is brought down to earth and fully to life in concert.  The clip above does not do it justice, but it’s a start.  Hip-Hop.  It’s bigger than the government…


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