Ever heard of STS? Check out his cideo for In For the Kill. It’s beautifully shot and lyrically ill.

If you’re feeling the video, you can download the Demand More 2 mixtape that features the song here.  It features Black Thought and many others, and the tracklist is below.


1. Black Thought Intro
2. Dec 5th (prod. Emile)
3. The People (prod. Sean C & LV)
4. I Am The “A”
5. IFTK (prod. MPIII)
6. A Star Is Born
7. F*#k! A Hook [prod. Don Cannon]
8. Ill Street Blues feat. Money Making Jam Boys (Black Thought, Truck North, Dice Raw)
9. Bed Rockin
10. Sole Music feat. Ming (prod. Charles & Parafino)
11. Parachute feat. Cassidy & RL [prod. Pierre Medor]
12. Soldier of Love
13. Broad & Locust (prod. MPIII)
14. All Comes Back Around feat. Sterling Simms (prod. Focus)
15. What She Say (prod. Fuego)
16. Black Thought Outro

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