Ahh yeah. It’s time for another installment of Omar Akil’s PREEM-EAR where he breaks down a slept on DJ Premier track. This time, it’s Joell Ortiz’ Sing Like Bilal.


December 7th is officially a target on the calendar.  Look…I’m not ashamed to say that I am a bit like “Stan” (think Eminem), when it comes to anything DJ Premier touches – OLD or NEW.  Great thing is that there is plenty of NEW to keep me from stalking Headquarterz waiting to hear that “real hip hop”.

Back to 12/7/2010 – that’s when Preem drops the compilation GET USED TO US off his Year Round Records label.   It should be some good listening, as the joint is slated to feature music from every member of the Year Round roster, as well as a few others names you might know – Royce Da 5’9, Freddie Foxx, Lady Of Rage, Styles P, Saigon, MC Eight, Grand Puba, and this week’s PREEM-EAR feature, JOELL ORTIZ.

I know, I know….I hit ya’ll with a Joell joint last week, but dammit, there’s another heater burning up the airawves, and the internet: SING LIKE BILAL.  NICE!!!!!  Oh yeah and there’s visuals to accompany your head bop.  The punch lines are bountiful and the title/sample hook is perfectly random.  As you listen, you’re guaranteed to rock the *mean face*.
Enjoy people!!!!

Joell Ortiz Sing Like Bilal

Omar Akil

“new rappers is cool, but we still bump Biggie” ~ Ortiz, J


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