Omar Akil brings a little international flavor in this week’s installment of PREEM-EAR. Premier lays a classic Primo track for a French cat name Soulkast. Check it out.

PREEM-EAR: SOULKAST “Première salve”

This dude SOULKAST goes in on this track.  Even though I don’t speak a lick of français (minus the two or three times I paid attention in 8th grade French class), you can hear the skill in this MC.  And by lacing him with his signature sound, Preemo gives us good reason to take French rap serious (again – arguably).
Delivery: think French-speaking TWISTA.  Plus, all of the name dropping that Soulkast does on this track is reminiscent of THE GAME  on his 1st album, “The Documentary.”

Enjoy this week’s PREEM-EAR: SOULKAST “Première salve”

Word on the street is Preem is producing the entire album (check the SOULKAST trailer below).

Follow ya boy: @omarakil3
“new rappers is cool but we still bump Biggie” ~ Ortiz, J


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