Diddy’s Ass on the Floor is one of the doper songs on Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris album. Check out the video.

This song continues the “dancefication” of hip-hop, but it works.  Check out NahRight’s take on the video and the trials of blogging here.


If you want to keep it on the experimental hip-hop tip, check out Dirty Money’s Strobe Lights ft Lil Wayne.

This is slightly sped up:

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Diddy. Dirty Money. Swizz Beatz. Ass on the Floor. Let’s go.

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Diddy said “Don’t worry if I write rhymes, I write checks” in Bad Boys for Life. Well…his latest check went to Rick Ross who wrote a nice rhyme for him on Looking for Love ft Usher. Here’s the Rick Ross version.

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And here’s Bad Boys for Life (that line was so gangsta).

J. Cole wrote a nice song for Diddy on I’m Coming Home. The song sounds like it could be from B.o.B.’s or Eminem’s albums–pop track with a nice female vocal. Not a bad look, though.

Click here to hear the final version by Diddy.  According to Nahright.com, the verses may have been written by Jay-Z even though J. Cole does the rhyming on the track.

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Diddy. Drake. Loving You No More video. Nuff said.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Rick Ross has some of the best ears in hip-hop. He consistently picks the most soulful tracks in the game. Fountain Bleu with Diddy is another one in the collection.

Diddy’s and Ross’ collaboration as the Bugatti Boyz is slated to drop later this year.

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