Ever heard of Money Making Jam Boys? No? They are Black Thought’s “new” side project, but keep it on the low… Check out their video for Judgment Day.

Money Making Jam Boys are Black Thought, Dice Raw, Truck North, P.O.R.N. and Philly.  Click here for a very comprehensive breakdown of the genesis and evolution of the group from Brooklyn Bodega.

Omar Akil is on a roll. Check out his re-ordering of The Roots How I Got Over in his latest installment of New World (AU)DER.


The way you sequence an album can make or break its success, and affect its acclaim.  For thier 11th studio album, The Roots got it right the first time around, but see if it doesn’t feel any better playing it in this order.  Can this master peace get any better? *Kanye shrug*

THE DAY feat. Blu, Phonte & Patty Crash – With the words in the hook invoking feelings of a clean start, and Patty Crash’s raspy vocal sounding like she just woke up, this track is the perfect start to this remixed listening session.
RADIO DAZE feat. Blu, P.O.R.N, & Dice Raw – This might be the most rewarding track on the album for me.  Super complete.  Good groove, head-bopping beat, cool hook, and dope verses.  I believe you always should start big….
HUSTLA feat. STS – This track is the epitome of why the New World (Au)der exists.  Pulling those, quote/unqote, bonus tracks up out the solitary confinement of album arrangement, into the proverbial “gen pop”. Plus, I’m a sucka for hard tracks!  I call em *mean face* tracks.  A beat thats so stanky, dirty, funky, muddy, that it literally has you smellin ish.
A PEACE OF LIGHT feat. Amber Coffman, Angel Deradoorian, Haley Dekle – This joint serves as the appropriate interlude to bring you down off that *mean face* high.

RIGHT ON feat. Joanna Newsome & STS
– No need to talk your head off, just keep listening….


TUNNEL VISION – This interlude is reminiscent of that infamous Earth, Wind & Fire interlude Brazilian Rhyme.
WALK ALONE feat. Truck North, P.O.R.N. & Dice Raw – carry on
HOW I GOT OVER feat. Dice Raw
WEB 20-20 feat. Peedi Peedi & Truck North – No movement here.  I completely agree with them on the placement of this track

DILLATUDE – The Flight OF Titus – There’s something slightly spiritual about this placement.  I didn’t realize that I placed this Dilla track right before Dear God 2.0 (not really going to explain the correlation here).
DEAR GOD 2.0 feat. Monsters Of Folk – Listen to Thought’s lyrics on this one.  Introspection is always an appropriate close to a solid rap album.


Omar Akil (@omarakil3)

pre-meditated shuffle


Send me your suggstions for an album that you want me to flip.

Black Thought is one of the best MCs ever to do it. Period. Check out his “live mixtape” with J. Period and you’ll get a taste of his greatness.

Click here to download the J Period & Black Thought Present The Live Mixtape: Illadelph Edition

Nahright.com had this to say about Black Thought:

Black Thought is the ultimate “emcee.” Ask anybody who is a fan of hip hop and chances are they will note that this man embodies what a true emcee is. Usually one to sneak under the radar when the “best of all time” talk comes up, Black Thought is not one to tell you how good he is, make videos about it, and then rap more about it. Instead, he presents his raw skills, his talent, and his words. All of it speaks for itself. A large piece of the puzzle that is The Roots, Black Thought’s words inspire, but never expire. Transcend, but never depend. Thought provoke, but never choke. In true poetic form, Tariq Trotter is the silent assassin with a knack for attacking the microphone in just about anyway. With his variety of spot on on-stage impressions and raw energy, Black Thought was more than a worthy candidate to be the headlining act for Manifesto 2010, alongside DJ J Period. Together, they presented their Live Mixtape: Illadelph Edition.



You cannot front on this hip-hop medley by Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon (no matter how hard you may want to). Check it out.

There are definitely some corny parts but overall it’s just too good (start at the 10:47 mark for the medley):

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Speaking of great Snoop Dogg classics, check out John Legend and The Roots’ take on Little Ghetto Boy.

This one is off the full album collabo between John Legend and The Roots that will be dropping on 9/21.  The album is all covers of soul classics from the 60s and 70s that have a political theme.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s Dr. Dre’s Lil Ghetto Boy from the Chronic featuring Snoop Dogg:

And, the original from Donny Hathaway that started it all:

Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Ass Mixtape has finally dropped. Check it out here.

A lot of cuts have already leaked from here, but it’s still worth copping the mixtape.  Click here to download.  Tracklist is below:

1. Consequence f. Common and Talib Kweli, “It’s G.O.O.D. Music”
2. Pusha T f. CyHi Da Prynce, “Popular Demand” (Remix)
3. GLC f. Shawn Chrystopher, “I’m G.O.O.D.”
4. GLC, “G.O.O.D. Man”
5. Big Sean f. Kanye West, “Whatever You Want”
6. Big Sean f. Paije “So G.O.O.D.”
7. Tony Williams, “Everything About You” (Snippet)
8. John Legend, “Dream” (Snippet)
9. Fonzworth Bentley, “G.O.O.D. Bye Love”
10. GLC, “Got Me Gone”
11. Amber Rose “Never Get Enough” (Skit)
12. KiD CuDi f. Kanye West, “Erase Me”
13. Mr. Hudson, “Watch You Move” (Live)
14. Mr. Hudson, “Love Never Dies”
15. Tony Williams, “You Never Know”
16. Tony Williams, “All the King’s Horses” (Skit)
17. Rick Ross f. Kanye West, GLC and Tony Williams, “Live Fast Die Young” (Remix)
18. Kanye West f. Lil Wayne, “Life of a Don” (Perajok Mix)
19. Kanye West, “See Me Now” (Skit)
20. Kanye West f. Beyonce and Charlie Wilson, “See Me Now”
21. KiD CuDi f. Kanye West, “Wylin Cause I’m Young”
22. GLC, “In It For Keeps”
23. Really Doe f. GLC, “Chicago”
24. Taz Arnold (aka TI$A) f. Major, “South$ide Blood Cuz’n”
25. Fonzworth Bentley, “Fireside Chat”
26. John Legend & The Roots f. Common and Melanie Fiona, “Wake Up Everybody”
27. KiD CuDi, “Mr. Rager”
28. Perajok & Kanye West, “Outro”
29. Kanye West, “Power” (Live)

The Roots get cinematic on their new video for The Fire