It’s a battle of the autotunes with Diddy and T-Pain on the Loving You No More remix, but Gucci Mane drops his verse au natural.


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Diddy’s Ass on the Floor is one of the doper songs on Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris album. Check out the video.

This song continues the “dancefication” of hip-hop, but it works.  Check out NahRight’s take on the video and the trials of blogging here.

If you want to keep it on the experimental hip-hop tip, check out Dirty Money’s Strobe Lights ft Lil Wayne.

This is slightly sped up:

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Diddy. Dirty Money. Swizz Beatz. Ass on the Floor. Let’s go.

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Imagine if Souls of Mischief had done gangsta rap. Hmm…it probably would have sounded something like Ridin’ and Smokin’ by Fashawn ft Night and Dirty Money. Check this out.

I actually think these cats were truly inspired by Souls of Mischief.  Peep the flow in ’93 Til Infinity and check out the close up panoramic solo shots in the video.  See a pattern?


Diddy. Drake. Loving You No More video. Nuff said.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Diddy’s Dirty Money track Loving You No More ft Drake is a nice way to end the summer.

This one has the same kind of mid-tempo chilled out feel that Drake’s album has.  Will Dirty Money’s Last Train to Paris ever drop?  Click here to listen to the song and download in the meantime.